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Portfolio Placement with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer


Part of the process for new entrants looking to access the gas industry is to work under supervision of a Gas Safe registered Engineer to build a portfolio of competence. This can be quite a hard placement to find so if you are struggling to find someone then we can arrange this placement for you. This is a requirement for all new entrants to the industry so that your competence in real life situations can be verified.

At RM Heating and Plumbing we encourage all new entrant gas trainees to find their own work placement as this will save you money, provide you with geographical familiarity and more than likely let you dictate the pace of portfolio completion. However, if you are finding the whole process completely impossible, RM Heating and Plumbing can place you with Gas Safe registered Engineers.

If you have done your gas training at RM Heating and Plumbing then the fee for the placement is £995. If you haven’t then the fee is £1995!









Gas safe portfolio and NVQ plumbing portfolio placement

What You’ll Learn

Portfolio completion is probably the most important part of your gas training as it determines your competence in real life situations. It tests your ability to work under pressured circumstances, your ability to ensure safety in every situation and most importantly of all, it provides you with the opportunity to work alongside an experienced Gas Engineer where you will learn much more than you can ever have imagined.

Your allocated gas engineer will also work with you to understand gas industry unsafe situations and how this works in every day work Portfolio Evidence. Your Gas Safe registered Engineer will help you complete your Portfolio by taking photos, helping you with all the paperwork to ensure it is 100% correct and signing off your work with their gas safe number. Please remember that this service is available for those of you who are unable to arrange your own Gas placement.

How You’ll Learn

Following completion of your Gas training, exams and assessments you will achieve Able Skills Managed Learning Programme and be deemed competent to undertake gas work under supervision, evidence of which needs to be recorded in the portfolio which you will be provided with.

To help you further, we have put together a portfolio matrix to ensure that you fully understand exactly what is required for every gas appliance you undertake work on.

Portfolio Requirements:

  • Installations: Cookers, Boilers and Fires
  • Servicing: Cookers, Fires, Water Heaters and Boilers
  • Landlord Gas Safety Checks
  • Installation Pipe Defects
  • Tightness Testing
  • Gas Escapes
  • Purging
  • Meter Regulator Settings Check
  • Flue Flow Test + Spillage Tests
  • Combustion Flame Pictures
  • Gas Rates
  • Operating Pressures at Appliances
  • Ventilation Checks
  • Control Faults