Green Deal Installers

Green deal imageThe Green Deal is a government initiative to increase the energy efficiency of domestic and commercial properties. RM Heating and Plumbing Ltd are on hand to provide green deal installations based on this ground-breaking idea.

The Green Deal allows energy companies to provide customers with a range of property improvements that ultimately reduce heating costs without the need for paying any money up front.

All costs are instead covered by using the money saved from future energy bills to pay off the upgrades in instalments over the next few years. The Green Deal is not a personal loan, instead being held by the property in question. This means that there are no individual liabilities for the loan, however the value of a property may increase with superior heating functions.

How does the Green Deal work?

The Green Deal operates based on a “Golden Rule”, which is that “predicted savings from new installations must equal or exceed the costs of the installation”. If your new fitting will pay for itself in the long-term, then the government will cover the initial project costs.

RM Heating and Plumbing Ltd cover a broad choice of Green Deal installation and replacement options that will serve to boost the energy efficiency of your property.

These Green Deal Installation services include the fitting of:

  • Condensing boilers
  • Underfloor heating
  • Heating controls
  • Cylinder pipe insulation

We are your Green Deal installers in Cardiff

GREEN DEAL APPROVEDIf you are looking for Green Deal Installers in Cardiff so that you can upgrade your heating systems so as to save money, please turn to us.  R M Heating and Plumbing are official local Green Deal installers for Cardiff & South Wales.

Please contact us to discuss your Green Deal requirements.

Our role means that we are:

  • Trained and competent in the required Green Deal installation
  • Charged with providing pre-installation surveys
  • Capable of highlighting any potential issues
  • Responsible for fitting and commissioning the new heating systems
  • The customer’s point of contact for all processes and plans
  • Certified by Green Deal Certification Body for practice and standards